IELTS Reading Tips

Read a lot of Academic texts IELTS Reading Tips   –  Develop a habit of reading in your free time! The IELTS texts are “general academic texts”. This implies that they are obtained from sources such as textbooks and specialist magazines and journals. In case you are not familiar with reading Read more…


Reading tips and advice

The joy of reading IELTS TRAINING INSTITUTE is important that you enjoy your reading experience. Reading for pleasure not only makes you want to read more, it also improves your reading skills. These include the skill of focusing on what is most important: developing an awareness of synonyms increasing your Read more…


IELTS Speaking Tips

IELTS Speaking Tips – Be fluent and liberated IELTS Speaking Tips to use fluently and spontaneously. You will gain more points. Don’t worry too much about using clever vocabulary, it’s more important to be fluent. But also don’t speak too quickly and mind your grammar. You should find a “healthy Read more…

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