How Complex Vocabulary, Structures and Strategies Are Lowering Your IELTS Score

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How to improve your IELTS SCORE When you fail the IELTS test, it is only natural to think that the reason why you failed was because your language or strategy was too simple.

You look for more complex grammar, complex vocabulary, complex strategies and complex techniques.

Complex, complex, complex.

The more worrying thing is that so called ‘teachers’, ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ believe this is the answer too.

They claim to have the ‘secret strategy’, ‘High-level vocabulary lists’, ‘Band 9 structures’ or ‘super methods’ that are the key to high scores.

The reality is that they are more interested in your money than improving your scores.

They can’t tell you the truth which is IELTS is much simpler than you think.

The key is to learn some basic principles that the test is based on and simplify everything.

You might think that is unbelievable but we have helped more people get the scores they need than anyone else in the world. In fact, all of our success stories say 1 piece of advice helped them more than anything else –

Keep it simple.

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