IELTS Reading Tips

Read a lot of Academic texts

IELTS Reading Tips   –  Develop a habit of reading in your free time! The IELTS texts are “general academic texts”. This implies that they are obtained from sources such as textbooks and specialist magazines and journals. In case you are not familiar with reading such kind of texts in English then you need to start reading them so that you become familiar with the words and language also with the structure used when you meet them in the exam. The three typical sources for IELTS Reading texts are the National Geographic, the New Scientist and the Economist.

2. Focus

Your focus should be on the text first, then on the questions! Only if you have a good understanding of the text, you can answer the questions more precisely and effectively.

3. Be able to Categorize

IELTS exam writers select a range of specific type of texts. You need to learn to recognize the type of text you are reading. It will help you predict its structure and you will be able to understand it more quickly. There are four types of IELTS Reading texts – A) analytic texts that will discuss the reasons why something happened or make recommendations or explain a concept B) descriptive texts that describe a situation, explain how something is done or categorize something C) discursive texts in which different opinions are expressed about an issue and D) narrative texts that explain a chronological sequence of events.

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