IELTS General

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Who Should Write IELTS General ?

IELTS General Training is Required For People who are migrating to English Speaking Countries such as United States, Canada, Australia or applying for Secondary Education,Training Programmes, work experience in English speaking Countries.

IELTS General is more easier compared to IELTS Academic.Both IELTS General would have Same Speaking and Listening.

Exam Modal For IELTS General





Exam Modal for General Listening

IELTS General Listening Contains 4 Sections, 40 Questions . These Questions needed to be completed in 30 Minutes.

  • Section 1: A Conversation Between Two People 
  • Section 2: A Monologue set about everyday social Circumstances.
  • Section 3 :  A conversation between up to four people set in an educational or training Circumstances.
  • Section 4: A monologue on an academic subject (Example:University Lecture)

Remember: Each Section’s Conversation can be heard only once. 

Exam Modal for General Reading

IELTS General Reading Contains 3 Sections, 40 Questions . These Questions needed to be completed in 60 Minutes.

  • Section 1:Two or Three short Paragraphs
  • Section 2:Two Paragraphs focusing work-related issues
  • Section 3: One Longer and More Complex Paragraph

Exam Modal for General Writing

IELTS General Writing Contains Two Parts. These questions needed to be completed in 60 Minutes.

  • Task 1: Write a Letter Requesting Information or Explaining a situation.
  • Task 2: Write an Essay in Response to a Point of View, argument or problem.

Exam Modal for General Speaking

An interview with two Examiners, Time Period to Complete All the Three Parts is 15 Minutes.

  • Part 1: Introduction and interview
  • Part 2: A Individual have to talk about topic for some time. 
  • Part 3: Two way discussion, Examiner Would Ask Related Questions From Part 2. 


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