I am Bilal Khan from Kiratpar town which is situated near Bijnor city. In the state of Uttar Pradesh. I came to Delhi to take the IELTS classes for 2 months at East of Kailash. The name of the IELTS Coaching centre is Sunsea International. In this coaching centre there is one trainer Who has trained me about the IELTS Test. His name is Hokishe. His training is very much test oriented and amicable . A minimum score band 7 is expected. If you are planning to take the IELTS coaching then meet him. I would recommend Sunsea International to every one Who wants to take the IELTS Training
Bilal Khan
The Services provided by Sunsea International are excellent. The IELTS training imparted by B. Hokishe Sir is superb. He teaches very well and explains everything about the IELTS and English in a very concise manner. He assisted me in correcting my grammatical errors. Moreover, he manages everything very well and provided me many practice tests and mock tests. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Mr Chandan Kumar Sir for his guidance and for being very helpful. I got an overall score of 8 band in the IELTS Test with individual scores of – Listening: 8, Reading: 8.5, Writing: 7 and Speaking: 7.5.
Mehakpreet Kaur
Hai.. Guys ,,my name is Elizabeth, I am a Trainer for French language,,I can talk in 5 languages ( German ,,Spanish etc.) But English and IELTS were the real challenges and barriers for me to go abroad. then I joined in SUN SEA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE in Chennai..WOW ! indeed it was a wonderful experience .their 15 years expertise / personalized coaching / fine tunining the Nuances of IELTS with more than 90 mock tests / unlimited class hours ,, I have got 7.5 band in IELTS I am gonna fly to Canada .. Thanks to SUNSEA
Sunsea International is one of the best institutes for Ielts coaching. What impressed me the most is their system of teaching. Unlike traditional classroom system, this centre offers independent learning with flexible studying hours. The instructor Dr. Rashpal is quite an expert in his field. He understands skills and requirements of each individual and provide coaching accordingly. I really appreciate their efforts. Highly recommended!!
I have planned to do AME in Canada. I had joined  the Costliest Academy in Chennai for IELTS. The atmosphere was terrific + Excellent . but the Coaching was ordinary and Flop! Then I Joined  Sunsea. The UNLIMITED CLASS DURATION till you get the good bands in IELTS. and the 1 to 1 PERSONALIZED COACHING / MOCK TESTS helped me go to Canada.
Pavan Jayashankar
I am an Ortho Surgeon by Profession All my Friends who succeeded in IELTS are in England at present recommended Sunsea Academy . I Joined SUNSEA and got Listening = 8.5, Reading = 8, Writing = 8 and Speaking=7.5. EXCELLENT COACHING METHODOLOGY / 250 MOCK TESTS were really useful for me to achieve
Dr.Chandra Mohan MS